GC Reports

Social Media

Project Aim

To ensure that all appropriate social media channels were utilised for GC Reports to increase their brand awareness and reach on social platforms. This is in order to make sure that GC Reports are at front of mind when potential customers require their services.

Social Profile Optimisation

By ensuring all areas of GC Reports different profiles were fully completed and optimised so that the key messaging was in line with business goals. This allowed his overall business on social media to look more professional and trustworthy to their audience.

Client First Content Creation

As approval is required from the client, we produce content in monthly blocks in order to make this as easy as possible for them. However, we are still flexible in what content is posted, ensuring that clients can add content throughout the month in case of company updates, news or events that want to be shared.

Active and Consistent

Making sure that the company posts a number of times per week keeps the profiles active and consistent across social channels, making it easier for your audience to find you and become aware of your brand. It also becomes more attractive to customers as it shows you are available for whenever they require your services.

Building The Company Network

Garmesh, the owner of GC Reports, already had a personal network on LinkedIn before we started working together. It was therefore important to utilise this to grow his business page, which we set up. We therefore made sure that his existing connections were invited to his professional business page as well as growing it organically.

Continually Updating The Strategy

Continual improvement to our approach and strategy with our clients is important. We therefore are regularly testing what is working and not working in terms of content and media. This can then be adapted and changed to ensure that our strategy is always working for our clients.


From applying all our different approaches into a customised strategy for GC Reports we have seen improvements such as; increased brand awareness and exposure across active social media channels with followers increasing by 45%.

Pinnacle are an excellent company who are dealing with all my social media. I have found them very efficient to deal with and are very pro-active in an ever changing digital world.

Garmesh Chand

Managing Director