Painted Red

Web Design

Project Aim

A full redesign of the Painted Red website in order to give a more professional look to the website as well as to give a platform in which we can look to improve their overall web presence from.

Responsive Design

The website was designed with how it will look on different devices in mind. This is so that no matter what device somebody visits the website on they should get a consistent experience. This was done by using the bootstrap framework.

Content Management System

The website was built using WordPress and utilises custom fields in order to make all content on the website editable. We used custom fields opposed to page builders to ensure that fast loading times can be achieved.

Custom Functionality

Due to the way in which Painted Red work there was some need to add some custom functionality to the website. An example of this is the need to show specific testimonials based upon which page is being viewed, whilst making it as easy as possible to maintain in the backend.