Sales Agents Plus

Web Design

Project Aim

To replatform the website from a proprietary system to an open source system. This is so that further functionalities can be added to the website in the future which should make the business run more efficiently.

Cost Saving

As we were able to move away from the proprietary system we were able to reduce ongoing software and hosting costs by around 50% whilst improving overall performance.

Extra Functionality

The new website was built on Umbraco, an open source content management system (CMS). This has allowed us to add extra functionality which couldn’t be added to the old website, allowing us to streamline processes and allowing the business to work more efficiently.

Looking At The Future

We’ve already started working with Sales Agents Plus in order to see how we can further improve the functionality of the website over time in order to further improve both the user journey and business efficiencies, whilst being cost effective to the business.

Pinnacle Digital have developed our new website and handling our digital footprint for the last 18 months and we are delighted with their input and support. From helping us formulate our approach to detailing the processes we needed as well as the layout and content Dan has been brilliant. They are now in control of our SEO visibility and Social Media and we are seeing great growth in hits and most importantly customers. Great company and highly recommended.

Ian Millar

Business Owner