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Having the right content on your website is of the utmost importance. Without content there is nowhere to send your potential customers and engage with them. We have a full funnel approach when it comes to content marketing, meaning that we aim to get in front of your potential customers at the first instance of them becoming aware of what they might need, right through to them wanting to buy from you.

How We Approach Content Marketing

Content Marketing is in the core of everything we do, with all other marketing strategies and techniques feeding into the content created. This is all around “Educate > Build Trust > Sell”. This is especially important for the key industries we work with where products and services are more complex and require a deeper understanding by the customer.


The widest audience your business is going to have is during the “Educate” phase. During this phase you’re giving your potential customers the information they need to:

Understand that they have an issue and why it’s important to resolve this.
Understand potential ways in which the problem can be solved.

This sets them up to look into your business in more detail where we can then look to build trust.

Build Trust

During the “Build Trust” phase your audience is going to start to narrow down and we can start educating them specifically on your product or service. This can be anything from demo videos to show them in action, to case studies showing how you’ve really helped other companies.


The final phase is “Sell” and this is where we add content to get the potential over the line and make a strong contact with your business. By this point they should be fully invested in buying from your business and it will be up to you to do the final sale. However because you’ve educated and built trust with them this should be no issue at all.

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