The Pinnacle Approach

We’ve developed a digital marketing system specifically for businesses who have technical products or services and have the challenge of getting their value across to potential customers.

The Marketing Funnel

All our campaigns work around a marketing funnel, which in broad terms has the following three steps:

Educate > Build Trust > Sell

This looks like a funnel where we will be aiming to educate the broadest possible audience for your business. Whilst not everyone we get in front of during this stage will turn into a customer it will ensure that we get in front of as many potential customers as possible. Once we have the funnel we can then move the most promising prospects to the next stage.

The next stage is to build trust with your audience. At this stage we’re talking to the people likely to want to buy from your business in the future and we show them how you are the best business and solution for their needs.

The final thing is to then allow your potential customers to make contact and for you to get the sale. By this point the contact should be ready to buy from you and understand fully why you’re the best solution for them.

In concept this is a simple approach that works, however there are multiple moving parts which makes it perform to its best ability. Find out more about the channels below.

Full Channel Approach

In order to get the maximum effectiveness there needs to be a full channel approach. When we start working with your business one of our first tasks will be to understand how you’re currently approaching different channels and then making sure that we can integrate both ours and your methods together.

We can then work out how we can best utilise both the expertise within your team and our team. Creating the most effective strategy as possible.

How This Helps Your Business

As we both understand the industry you work in and have a set methodology that we’ve used over and over again to bring results to our clients. This means we can get off to a quick start with your marketing campaigns and know the best ways in which we can drive quick results to your business whilst also focusing on the long term.

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