Paid Search Management

Paid search channels such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads can be an effective way in which you can get in front of your potential customers as they search for your products or services. As a Google Partner, we are equipt to manage your paid search accounts in order to bring them to their best potential.

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Google Ads Management

For many of us, Google is the first port of call when we are looking for a product or service. With over 8.5 billion searches per day there are massive opportunities, however it can be hard to get your website seen. With Google Ads management you can ensure your website appears at the top of searches when certain keywords are used which are specific to your industry.

The good thing about Google Ads is that it can be adjusted in a way so that it works for your business and you can start seeing a return on investment (ROI). There are a number of factors which can influence this such as the conversion rate (how many take a desired action on your website) and the cost per click. We use these factors amongst others and our industry knowledge in order to determine the best campaign for you to run and we can use this in order to forecast potential results for your business.

Types Of Google Ads Campaigns

Text Ads

These are the most common type of campaign run on Google Ads and allow you to show on the top of search results with a text style ad. These can work well for most businesses, but are particularly useful for service based companies.

Shopping Ads

These can be used in order to show in shopping results which can be shown when someone searches with an intent to buy. These can only be used for ecommerce stores and usually have a high ROI as the potential customer can look through products and compare prices before they click through to your website. This means that they are then more likely to buy from your website.

Display Ads

These make use of Google’s network of advert publishers and allows you to target potential customers based on topics. This makes them highly useful for businesses offering a new product or service which may not have many people searching for them on Google. They can also be a great way to help build your brand.

Video Ads

They can be used to advertise on platforms such as YouTube where videos relevant to your business can be targeted. Again, these can be useful for businesses who’s products or services aren’t being searched often or those looking to build brand awareness.


Remarketing allows you to target those who have already been to your website. This can result in a high return on investment as the people you are driving back to your website will already be aware of your business and it may be the final push before they look to buy from you.

Microsoft Ads Management

Whilst having a smaller market share compared to Google Ads, Microsoft Ads is not to be overlooked! Microsoft Ads can often generate great results and allow you to hit a different target audience.

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