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What Is SEO & What It Means For Your Business?

The main aim of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to drive relevant traffic to your website in order to drive business growth. It focuses on the “free” listing on search engines such as Google who aim to give the best content to their users and therefore any SEO work should aim to meet the overall aim of the search engines.

There are multiple aspects of SEO from making sure the website is accessible to search engines and to making sure that popular search queries relevant to your business are met, to promoting your website in order to get quality backlinks (like votes) to your website.

As SEO targets people as they are looking for your products or services it can be a highly lucrative channel, especially compared to other more passive channels. There’s also the benefit of SEO traffic being more long term with results lasting after the resource has been limited (depending on competition), opposed to paid traffic which will stop as soon as the investment is.

Our Approach To SEO

We approach SEO in a methodical way, firstly looking to find any issues from a technical standpoint which could hinder search engines understanding or accessing your website. We then look to find out what the expectations of your potential customers are and how we can meet them. The final step is the promotion of the website in order to get in front of key people and to earn backlinks to your website.

  • Technical SEO: We see technical SEO as making the website as easy for search engines to access and understand as possible. This also includes elements of making sure that the website loads fast and is mobile friendly.
  • On Page SEO: This is where we look at making sure that the content on your website meets user intent. This starts with research to find out what people are looking for which goes on to making sure that the intent of the potential customer is met.
  • Content Marketing: When researching what your customers are looking for, we’ll likely find content gaps which we’ll aim to fill through content marketing. This can range from blog posts to core content. The main thing is that the content will be created in such a way to best meet the needs of the searcher.
  • Link Building: There are many ways in which links can be built but some can see penalties brought to your website due to past abuses of search algorithms. We aim to build links in the friendliest way possible. This is by promoting your content in such a way that it gets in front of the right kind of people who are likely to be able to link back to your website.
  • Local SEO: If location matters for your business we can help. We have knowledge of how to get you shown higher in map listings. From making sure that your web citations are aligned to customer review strategies.

Whilst carrying out any SEO work we also keep in mind what will make the most impact to your business. Sometimes this will mean reassessing the overall strategy of the SEO campaign in order to look back and make further adjustments based on data gathered over time.

Why Choose Pinnacle Digital

We are specialists in carrying out SEO campaigns for SMEs across the UK. From small localised business to companies who are providing products or services we have a wide range of experience working with a mix of different budgets and industries.

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Our SEO Insights


How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

How long SEO takes before you start seeing a difference can vary depending on a number of factors. If you have technical issues holding back your site, seeing those fixed can see improvements in a matter of weeks, whereas other techniques can be much longer term and it can be 6 months before you start to gain momentum.

The important thing is that you understand the different elements which are going into your SEO strategy in order to know which parts are short or long term and that you understand the full investment required to get to where you want your website to be.

How Much Does SEO Cost Per Month?

SEO prices can be hugely different which can often be confusing for those looking for SEO services. One of the biggest challenges when choosing an agency to partner with for SEO is understanding the value for money.

At Pinnacle we offer SEO services starting from £400 per month and go up to around £2,000 per month depending on your business requirements and the strategy involved.

£400 per month is often viewed as cheap for SEO services, however it doesn’t have to lack quality. At our entry level price we focus on doing a few things great. This means that you might have some missed opportunity going for the cheaper option, but the work provides results in line with budget.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

It can often be tempting to try and do SEO yourself in order to save money. There are numerous tasks which you’ll probably be able to do yourself if you have a technical or marketing mindset. However gaining a full understanding of how search works can take years practice and experimenting with what does and doesn’t work. We often see people who try to do SEO themselves use techniques which can actually end up harming your sites visibility and losing you business. You also need to keep up to date with the latest algorithm changes by search engines which can be a task in itself.

What Types Of SEO Are There?

There are two main types of SEO: On-page and Off-Page.

On-page looks at how you can improve your website in order to make sure your websites technically sound, Google understands the content and that you have content on your site that your potential customers are actually searching for.

Off-page looks more at promoting your website across the internet. The main focus is usually on backlinks, which count as votes for your website, helping to increase rankings.

Which Web Platforms Are Best For SEO?

There are many web platforms available and it can be hard to choose the right one. When deciding we believe that there are two main factors to consider: is it open source and what’s the community like.

If it’s open source you should essentially be able to do whatever you need to do in order to make the website SEO friendly.

However having a good community backing the platform can also help as it can often mean that the work has been done by other people saving you money in the long run (without this you’ll likely need to pay a developer to make the changes for you).

This is why platforms such as WordPress are hugely popular. You can make as many changes to the code as you like, but there’s a huge library of plugins which probably have what you’re looking for.

Can You Pay Google To Rank Higher?

We often hear rumours about people claiming they used to just pay to be at the top of the organic search results. This simply isn’t true and you cannot pay Google to rank higher in organic search (SEO). As far as we’re aware this has never been a thing.

However there is Google Ads which is separate to the organic listings. With this you can choose which search terms you want to show for and each time someone clicks your ad you pay Google a fee based on your bid. Find out more about Google Ads here.