2 Google Ads Scripts Worth Using On All Accounts

Are you running a Google Ads campaign? There are multiple tools you can use to make your life that bit easier and one of those are scripts. These allow you to automate various tasks which would otherwise be laborious, and allows for easier insight into your accounts.

There are numerous scripts out there, ready to be added to your accounts, with different ones being more useful for different types of campaigns. There are however two that we always like to use at Pinnacle Digital. These will be discussed in this article.

24/7 Bidding Script

The 24/7 Bidding Script by Brainlabs adds extra functionality to your scheduling, allowing you set schedule bid adjustments on an hourly basis. Within the standard interface you’re limited by the number of schedule blocks you can have which can limit your adjustments.

The script gets around this as it’s run hourly and sets the next 4 hours worth of schedule bid adjustments each time. This then allows you to have a more flexible schedule for your campaigns.

We would suggest analysing day and hour performance in order to understand how different times should be adjusted. More information can be found on our blog post: How The Ad Schedule Can Be Used To Maximise Performance.

Quality Score Tracker

The Quality Score Tracker allows you to track the quality score of your keywords in your account. This is useful as the higher your quality score, the lower your bids need to be. The script should be run daily and will produce graphs over time to see how changes you are making affects the quality scores.

One of the good things about the script is that it also shows a weighted quality score, that means that the score will change more if the keywords you are making adjustments to are getting more impressions.

You can find out more about quality scores and using the script on our blog post: What is Quality Score and how it affects your Google Ads campaigns.