How To Expand on A Blog Topic To Improve Your Blog Writing

You already have the perfect title for your blog. But are you making the most of it? There are many ways in which you can look at expanding on the topic of your blog post in order to both meet your readers requirements as well as making sure your blog can get as much coverage as possible on search engines.

The following tips will help you expand your blog’s topic to ensure you understand your readers needs and give you actionable tips for your next blog post.

Planning your blog post headings

Planning and determining your sub headings before writing can help you plan out and section your content to ensure different areas are covered within the post.

Your subheadings should be related to the title of your blog post, ensuring that you are covering different areas that your readers expect. By doing this you will also cover what search engines expect to find too, helping your content rank in search engines.

It can also help improve your blog writing and break the content into readable sections for your user. When we click on a blog post, we want our content to be easy for users to read and digest. It’s not unusual for people to skim read beforehand, making subheadings serve to inform your readers.

To expand on your blog topic and improve your blog writing to meet different search intent, there are a few tools and techniques you can use.

Competitor research

The first thing we do to expand on a blog topic is to search the blog title in Google to see what content already ranks. This is a great way to discover what your readers and search engines are expecting. From this you can see what various topics your competitors are covering within a piece of content to ensure you are writing about similar subjects that your customers want to engage with.

Find what questions people are asking

There are multiple tools online which allow you to find what questions people are asking in relation to a search term. There are three that we like to use when doing research into a blog topic:

  • Answer The Public
  • Also Asked
  • Ahrefs (Subscription required)

Each of these tools work slightly differently and can produce different results so it’s definitely worth trying all three to make sure you’ve covered all bases.

This is a snippet from Answer the Public.A snippet from AlsoAsked…

And a screenshot from Ahrefs.


These tools can help you gain insight into questions people are asking around your topic. It shows different questions that people are asking around the topic which can help identify the intent of the search and make sure it’s included in your blog post.

By following these steps and using the tools identified you should be able to create an easy-to-read blog for your users as you will have a better understanding of the overall structure of a blog post and what you should include in your content.