Social Media Tips For Busy Business Owners

We know how running a business is a busy, time consuming role for you as owners and directors. This might see you pushing ‘less important’ aspects to the side and not investing in activities such as social media as much as you should.

This post will discuss some quick and easy tips you can apply to your day to day busy life which will allow you to keep a presence on social media whilst not taking up too much time.

Use a single platform to manage all your accounts

Your audience is across multiple social media platforms and making it easier to post across all at the same time can be one of the fastest ways to save time. We recommend using a single platform to manage all your accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (or any other social accounts you use).

We use Hootsuite, a social media management tool that enables you to connect multiple social media accounts up and manage them all from the same place. Using this time saving tool with one dashboard helps to keep everything organised and focused. You will have more time to worry about other responsibilities and commitments, and less on logging into multiple social media accounts to upload a post. It will give you more free time to focus and prioritise your business needs.

Respond to your audience everyday

Customers in today’s social media world expect immediate responses. We recommend taking a couple of minutes per day to check your accounts for mentions, messages and comments to engage with your audience and let them know you are there when they are searching for you. This keeps the interaction there between you and your audience ensuring they don’t move to competitors.

If you are usually on the go, it may be useful to set up sound alerts or emails to alert you specifically of mentions, direct messages and comments so you can reply straight away. If this isn’t workable for you, we recommend you get into a routine checking social media at the start or end of the working day to ensure you are not missing any opportunities.

This is also a great way to build your network. This is probably most relevant for B2B organisations using LinkedIn. By commenting, sharing and engaging with other other people and organisations it can allow you to build your brand awareness and authority as a business.

Schedule your content in advance

You can cut down on your daily social media maintenance by scheduling out your posts in advance. Sure, posting content to multiple social media accounts can be time consuming. It is to use a tool that allows you to schedule posts.

By doing this it allows you to get into the focus of writing different posts rather than having to get everything together each time to just write one post. This can also give you the benefit of having a varied feed in terms of content. Seeing scheduled content on a timeline can ensure your feed and posts flow more, making sure that your content doesn’t repeat itself and making sure your not too pushy on sales to your audience

Scheduling your content also means you can schedule your posts to go live at the right time. It gives you the freedom to post at “peak” engagement days & times, even if you’re unavailable or have clocked off at those specific times. If you’re unable to post when your social media audience is most active and likely to engage with your content, you can use scheduling tools to know that your content will be seen by your audience.

Go mobile

This can be extremely beneficial if you are usually out of the office and on the go.
Downloading your business social media accounts onto your mobile will allow you to keep up to date with messages and post on the go.

To save time, make sure that you have different social media apps for your business and personal accounts so you do not have to log in and out when on the move. You can also usually integrate your business and personal profiles so you can switch between them in one app.