What Is “SEO” When Included In Web Design?

Often when we see SEO as part of a web design it means “Search Engine Friendly” and there’s a couple of differences between the two. “Search Engine Friendly” usually means that they will give you a platform that can be used to build upon and will look at the basic technical elements of SEO such as:

  • Whether the website is accessible to search engines
  • Whether the website is efficient for search engines to access
  • Whether the right semantics have been used to help search engines understand the website

These are the basics of getting a “search engine friendly” website, but by themselves they’re unlikely to help you get the rankings you desire. Sometimes it won’t even cover all the on-page elements of SEO and even consider what you’re users are looking for. And if you’re in a competitive niche then there’s off-site SEO which needs to be considered.

How To Take Your Website Build To The Next Level

If you want to go above and beyond the basic “search engine friendly” website when you’re looking for your next website then it’s important to consider SEO (and marketing in general) from the very beginning. This starts with understanding how you expect people to find and get to your website.

This starts by doing research into the search terms people are using in order to map out the content that will be required for the new website. This can be overlooked from time to time but having an understanding of this and how people will navigate your website can make a real difference. You can also look at how this content can be built in order to target the desired keywords during the website build.

A Websites An Ongoing Investment

The final thing to consider is that SEO isn’t a one off activity and your website as a whole shouldn’t be either. You should be constantly looking at how the performance of your website can be improved. Doing so should help improve the amount of people coming to your website and at the same time help convert those people into your customers.