What To Expect In Web Design For 2021

It’s important to keep up with the different trends of web designs, so here you will find some of our expectations for the next year in web design. We’ve tried to keep this list unique to 2021 and have looked at the different opportunities the year may have for changes in web design.

1. More Minimal Designs

With Google rolling out more updates which will help improve rankings for faster websites, we may see websites being designed for speed. We currently see a lot of websites being optimised for speed once they have been built, but we believe we will start to see speed considered right at the design stage.

This could lead to more minimal designs, where high resource media (such as images) is used more sparingly and with more intent. Questions will start to be asked about what different sections of a web page add and whether they’re actually needed or can be left out.

2. Illustrations & Mixed Mediums

Illustrations are being used more and more on websites with technology making it easier for digital illustrations to be created. This has led to an increase in usage throughout the last year which we believe will continue into 2021.

This will also lead to more mixed mediums being used too. By this we mean the mixture of illustrations, photos and graphics. When put together they can create eye catching visuals. Mixed mediums can also enhance the direction of your website’s users’ eyes, compared to just photography, helping you to point them in the right direction and increasing your conversion rates.

3. More Subtle Personalisation

We see a lot of discussion around personalisation and believe that it will start to return to be more subtle in 2021. There are two main reasons why we think that people will move away from the ultra personalised web pages; low return on investment, the effort to implement the systems doesn’t always give back an equal reward and the end users are getting more and more wary about how their data is being used.

We therefore believe that a more subtle approach will start to come into effect through 2021, with the ultra personalisation we’ve seen on some websites going away.

4. Show Us The People

With the events of 2020 we’re seeing more and more of a push for people to support small businesses and to make a difference to real people. By showing off the people that work for your business throughout your website (not just on your about us page) you’re giving a more personal connection to your business and may therefore be more likely to buy from you rather than from a faceless corporation.

We’ve always believed that showing the people who work at your business is important (especially for service businesses), but with people looking to support small businesses more and more this is going to become more important.