Who owns your Google Ads account?

When using Google Ads it’s important to understand who owns your account and also who has access to it. It often occurs that when someone wants to leave their current agency they find out that they don’t actually have access to their accounts, meaning that they lose the wealth of data which has been gathered over the time they’ve been running ads. We’ve even seen it where an account has been held hostage unless the company is willing to pay them.

At Pinnacle Digital we make sure that you have full access to your account and you can even remove us from the account if required. We don’t want you to carry on with our services because you’re stuck with us, but because we’re giving you value through our services that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Below we’ve explored the full advantages of having ownership of your account.

1. Check The Transparency Of Reporting

If you have access to the account then all the data will be available to you and all the data you are being reported to will be viewable. This means that you will have full transparency with the reporting your agency provides and therefore you can have full trust that what they’re reporting to you is accurate what Google Ads is telling you.

This can take away any issues which may occur if you don’t have access, such as not knowing where spend has taken place. We’ve even heard examples where the agency has charged a fixed figure and not even told the company how much of that’s being spent on Google Ads.

2. You Own The Data

Should you decide to move agency or take the account in house, you will have full access to the historic data that the account has collected whilst running. This means that you’ll have access to what has and has not worked in the past and will mean you don’t need to test different aspects of the account which have already been tested.

3. Choose Who Manages Your Account

As we’ve stated above, you want to stay with your agency because they are getting the most out of your account, not because you’re stuck with them or they’re holding your account hostage. By having ownership of your account you will be able to change who has access to your account, making it easy to change agencies if you wish, or to get third party audits if you’d like to know if there’s anything your agency may be missing out on.

It’s also worth considering what would happen in the event of the agency you are using stops trading. Will your account continue to run or will it be up to you to try and get access from a company that no longer exists. By having ownership of your account you can make sure that if anything happens to the company that manages your account, it won’t have an effect on the account itself.

4. Payments Are Down To Your Company

Whilst this may sound like a negative to start with it actually has greater benefit to your company when you consider that if the payments aren’t made to Google, your ads will stop showing. By not having access to your account it will be up to the agency to ensure that these bills are paid and then to pass on the costs to your company by their own invoicing system.

If you own the account then it’s likely you will have also set up the billing direct to Google.

As you can see, there’s plenty of benefits of making sure you own your account. If you’d like to see how we can help manage your Google Ads, whilst making sure you have full ownership, take a look at our Google Ads management page.