Why You Should Consider A Blog For Your Business

Are you considering creating a blog for your business, but unsure whether it will be right for you? Here are the top three reasons why you might want to consider creating a blog. (Whether written, a video blog or other format)

Increase Online Visibility

One of the main factors that people focus on is the increased visibility you gain from having a blog. There are two main channels which will see the increase, search engines and social media.

As it’s likely that people are searching around the topic of your blog (if you have a well planned out strategy) then you may start to get some visibility through these searches and increase the amount of people visiting your website. This is especially good for targeting long tail keywords which may be easier to target within a blog rather than on the main content of your website.

The other channel which benefits is social media. Adding content around your blog can be a great way in order to give valuable information to your current following as well as build upon it. This is a great way to add content to your social feeds which adds value and doesn’t come across as too salesy.

Show Your Expertise

If a person discovers your business online they may be reserved as to whether you’re the real deal and know what you’re on about or not. Your business blog is a great way to show expertise, set yourself as your industry thought leader and to put their mind at ease.

This is especially important as people do more and more research into your industry and the services you provide. If they keep seeing your business name come up over and over again they’re going to know that you’re the business to go to when they’re ready to buy.

Push People Into Your Sales Funnel

Another advantage of a blog is that you can push people into your sales funnel from it. Your blog will usually attract people to your website when they’re in the awareness phase, essentially they have a problem, but they’re not 100% sure what it is or the possible solution. From here you can push them into your sales funnel, giving them more and more information until they get to the stage in which they’re ready to buy.

You now have an idea of the top reasons why you should be considering a blog for your business. If you’d like help creating a blog for your business you can get in touch and find out how we can plan and execute your business blog for you.